Do we need all the Protein that we take in?

Sources of Protein

There are people that believe we should eat as much protein as possible but you know what can happen when you get too much of a good thing! There once was an explorer named Vilhjalmur Stefansson that ate a lot of meat. He wanted to prove that all you need to survive is to eat meat. But then he became very ill and developed “protein poisoning”, also called “rabbit starvation”. Then he lowered his protein intake and raised his fat intake and his symptoms disappeared. This is one of the few recorded cases of a high protein diet having extreme adverse effects. And today, we still seem to be unsure about how much protein we should ingest, if too little or too much is dangerous and the best way to consume protein.

These days there are various ways to consume protein such as eating protein balls, protein snack bars, and enhanced versions of staple products. There are protein enhanced soups, cereals, and breads being offered to us. This makes us believe that we need to consume as much protein as possible.

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